Twenty: Submission

Planted: Friday 11/12/2021
Last Tended: Friday 11/12/2021

I submitted the journal article last night. I am excited to submit this article that is based on my dissertation research. I created a conceptual model from a pilot study that informed my dissertation research on women academic entrepreneurs and the institutional environments that constrain or enable their entrepreneurial activity.

This paper has been rejected once already from a journal, but I think this one could potentially have a chance of being selected to be developed further. The special issue is specifcally about theory building about entrepreneurial universities and that is exactly what I am attempting to do.

I also went back to my old papers that I started and I have two that are near completion that I will attempt to edit and submit. I also have started outlining and jotting down a few more publication ideas. It's interesting, I don't want to be a faculty member (just yet), but I do enjoy writing and researching topics. I do enjoy that I can write at my own pace and I don't have to worry about publish or perish.

Since I've graduated, I've published one book chapter on Octavia Butler and how her works are Speculating Sustainability[1]. If I can get one paper in every year or two, that would be great. If not, my dissertation[2] and this book chapter are wins.

Cheers to more journal submissions. Now my next goal is to get this social impact author cohort application submitted.


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