Twenty-Seven: Another submission

I'm struggling to keep a routine with posting on Listed[1]. I didn't post yesterday, but I did write towards my application for the social impact author's cohort. I wrote three pages for my writing sample and edited five questions. Today, I revised the questions again and then submitted my application. I will find out in January if I was accepted. It would be dope if I was. A bit validating too. It would mean I am a writer, but I guess I am already a writer, but this would mean others see me as a writer.

I'm going to continue with writing the #100days, but I need to do better with posting each day, even though I am writing daily.

I decided today that I need to choose a time to post on Listed and keep to it. So I will post at 8am each day or on my lunch break. Whichever comes first. Today doesn't count because I just made the decision. Also, tomorrow, because I'm flying.


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