Eighteen: Overcommiting

Planted: Wednesday 11/10/2021
Last Tended: Wednesday 11/10/2021

I am exhausted. I've spent so much time giving to others that when it is time for me to work on my creative projects, I am too drained.

Part of the problem is that I am overcommiting and saying yes too much.

I need to work on saying no, so I have room for the hell yeahs in my life[1].

My goal for this year and the upcoming year is to say no to anything that doesn't make me say "hell yeah"

That's going to be difficult, but I know it will help me accomplish my writing goals more quickly.

I didn't work on any of my creative writing today and the deadlines for the extended abstract and writing cohort are quickly approaching. Tomorrow, I will say No to leave room for me to reach these deadlines.


[1] https://sive.rs/n

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