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I've always wanted to write a book. I didn't know what I wanted to write, just that I wanted to write a book. About nine years ago I started three books. One was an ebook on how to have better dreams. One was a coffee table book with photos/stories about my trips to Haiti. One was a memoir about my experiences losing a mother at a young age. All of these books have beginnings, but no middle or end. Ten years and those stories have dusted and wasted away in computer folders.

Over the years, I gave up hope that I would ever write a book because it was clear it was not a priority to me. Recently, I realized that I was confining myself to one definition of an author; one who writes novels. However, the more I reflected on my writings, I realized that I prefer to write non-fiction, poetry, short stories, and manuals. Better understanding of the type of writing I preferred, put things into perspective.

In fall 2017, I shared a system that helped me with achieving my goals. I called it "The Intellectual Will" [1]. The intellectual will is a values-based goal attainment system for dreamers. This system encourages dreamers to understand their inner wishes and bring them to professional or personal fruition. Since sharing the intellectual will, I have facilitated three workshops, created an online video [2], and coached multiple people. I've enjoyed this process so much, that I want to expand it into a book. I've decided to update and revamp the intellectual will based on feedback I have received over the last two years.

I happened to see the #100Days writing challenge [3] on the Listed platform and decided that it's the perfect time for me to commit to finishing this book. Everyday for the next 100 days, I am going to spend 40 minutes towards book related work and 20 minutes writing a Listed update on my publishing journey.

Today, I spent 40 minutes editing and writing the introduction and first part of the book. It took time getting back into the swing of writing. I started writing the introduction and first part last month, but took a break because I needed to finish my dissertation. I've heard people say leave a sentence unfinished when writing because it helps with picking back up again. A month in between that unfinished sentence and now was not helpful. Today when my timer went off at 40 minutes, I was finishing up a sentence. I wrote a note to myself about what I wanted to write next and what my thinking was at the time. I'm hoping this will help me tomorrow when I pick up where I left off.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Write for 35 minutes
  2. Spend 5 minutes sending email to graphic designer
  3. Spend 20 minutes writing Listed update


[1] Intellectual Will:
[2] Intellectual Will Video:
[3] #100Days Writing Challenge:

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