Three: In the zone

Planted: Monday 5/13/2019
Last Tended: Monday 5/13/2019

I told myself that daily I would only spend 40 minutes creative writing and 20 minutes writing an update on Listed. I chose to focus on one hour daily because I have a bad habit of getting in the zone and not moving with the exception of having to use the bathroom.

Today, I wrote for two hours and did not take a break or stop when the timer buzzed. The graphic designer got back to me, but requested more information so she could give me a better quote. I spent a lot of time working on the layout a bit and choosing fonts and visuals that provide a better understanding of what I am looking for. I was in the zone, but also couldn't put off for tomorrow this project because I want to get moving on the design aspect of the book.

I love getting into flow and working on projects and new ideas, but I need to remember to take a break. I finished writing today hungry and with a headache. Tomorrow, I will stick to the plan of only working for one hour total.

Goals for tomorrow

  1. Write for 40 minutes
  2. Spend 20 minutes writing Listed update


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