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Welcome to the new Listed

Listed is a platform where writers and non-writers alike share what we call a “public journal.” Here, authors don’t market-test their posts. They don’t attempt to cater to the maximal audience. They don’t write to go viral. They write for its own sake. And this, to us, is the greatest and truest form of writing. We’ve been working hard on a new vision for Listed. It’s everything you’ve come to love and know, but with an elegant aesthetic overhaul worthy of every word you write. We hope you'll f...
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To write interesting, do interesting

I read some time ago from a recently accomplished author that the best way to write interesting things is to do interesting things. A writer trapped in a white box for several months will, after having gone completely insane, have absolutely nothing more to write about. If you don't do interesting things, you won't have interesting things to say. While not a white box, trapping yourself in the same confines day-to-day will not yield much in the way of creativity. If you want to have interesting...
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Tips for writing every day

It's been a few weeks since we issued our #100Days challenge, where writers of any level challenge themselves to write every single day for 100 days. Why? To explore. To discover a deeper well from where our thoughts come. At some point, you'll run out of things to say—so what will you write about then? That's the challenge. And make no mistake about it—it's not easy. But you come out the other side stronger. Keener. Sharper. Writing becomes a natural instinct. You never stare at a blank documen...
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Your Writing is Incredible, An Answer To Your Question, and It's Not Too Late

It’s wonderful to see how many of you are taking on the 100 Day Writing Challenge. The writing that you’re sharing is nothing short of genuine, sincere, and unfiltered. This was what we hoped for when issuing this challenge; that it would be an outlet for you to share who you are without worry and without judgement. If you haven’t read some of the posts of our members in the Listed Community, you owe it to yourself to have a read. Not just the #100Days challengers, but also the Listed members w...
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100 Day Writing Challenge

Could you write every single day for 100 days? Most people find this idea mad. Write for 100 days? Surely my life is not that interesting. I would run out of things to write about. And that's where the magic lies. Yes, you will run out of things to write about. So what will you write about then? Ah—that's when imagination begins to explode. That's when creativity reaches its peak. That's when you discover—you're a much better writer than you thought. Yes, you can write 100 days in a row. And ...
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This Week on Listed

There's been a lot of great bustle on Listed this week. Sure, we've had our regular contributors continue to bring us great reads, but the pace of users sharing their thoughts, notes, and personal progress has also increased positively. So, welcome to those that made their first post this week, and to all who continue sharing their stories. You've shared words that inspire, educate, and most importantly, resonate. The power of honest writing is that we see ourselves in everyone else. That is the...
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What Will You Write About?

On Listed, there's a wide variety of content, which shows just how diverse our community is. Since your listed page integrates seamlessly with Standard Notes, there's really no easier way to publish your thoughts to the world. If you haven't taken a look at some of the Listed pages in our community, I encourage you to have a look around at some of the great, and oftentimes, personal content being created here. There are several ways to interact with one another, or allowing your readers to i...
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Code Highlighting

Listed now supports code highlighting for fenced code blocks. ```ruby def hello puts "world" end ``` will yield: def hello puts "world" end Some more examples: Python import numpy as np cimport cython from libc.math cimport sqrt @cython.boundscheck(False) @cython.wraparound(False) def pairwise_cython(double[:, ::1] X): cdef int M = X.shape[0] cdef int N = X.shape[1] cdef double tmp, d cdef double[:, ::1] D = np.empty((M, M), dtype=np.float64) for i in range(M): ...
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Authors can now receive tips from readers

Author sustainability is a strong part of Listed's focus. A few weeks ago, we rolled out Paid Posts, which allows authors to charge a set dollar amount for an article. This works well for some types of articles, like tutorials, recipes, and other structured forms of content. For more subjective pieces, this model might be difficult to monetize. Today, we're rolling out the "Thank" option on author profiles. When a reader is inclined to an author for an article they wrote, whether it be that the...
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