What Will You Write About?

On Listed, there's a wide variety of content, which shows just how diverse our community is.

Since your listed page integrates seamlessly with Standard Notes, there's really no easier way to publish your thoughts to the world. If you haven't taken a look at some of the Listed pages in our community, I encourage you to have a look around at some of the great, and oftentimes, personal content being created here.

There are several ways to interact with one another, or allowing your readers to interact with you as well. There's done-for-you email delivery of each new post, a guestbook, and readers can make direct email contact. If you haven't already, you'll want to enable any or all of those settings from your Standard Notes "Actions" menu in your editor.

And if you've been lurking around the Listed pages, but haven't published your own post yet, here's some ideas to perhaps get you started:

  • Building something: Like to build apps? What about code and development strategies or examples? Are you building a computer or a robotic assistant of some kind? Document your build here, so that others can learn from your journey and discoveries. Standard Notes and Listed even supports code embedding.

  • Share your day/weekend: Did you have an awesome day at work? An epic weekend trip? What about something that happened today that you'd love to get off your chest? It helps to share, and sharing of yourself can help make that positive experience even more real, or help you feel better about that thing that bugged the crap out of you earlier.

  • Solidify your goals: What's your goal for the week? The month? Year, five years, what about even just today? If you want to reach your goals, write them down, and then post them on your Listed page. Doing so will create a sense of accountability that could help you get past those times when you don't feel like moving forward, but you know you should because your goals won't happen without you.

  • Creative words: Want to sharpen your skills at writing short stories, or perhaps get a poem out there that's been in your head for the longest time. Why not share your creativity with the community and even ask for feedback? It's a great way to sharpen your creative skills with little risk of failure. You don't even have to publish under your real name if you don't want to.

  • Nothing in particular: What if your writing didn't really have a topic or a point of view, but was just simply for your to get all of your thoughts out so you can make room for more? Whether an actual journal, or just a stream of consciousness brain dump, get it out, share it. It doesn't need to make sense to anyone else but you, and yet others may enjoy it for what it represents for them. Picasso, anyone?

With our commitment to privacy, you can share with the community or the world at large as much or as little as you're comfortable with. And, if you change your mind later, you can always remove your post with a single click.

If you haven't written in a while, or you're thinking about making your first post ever, your community would love to see what you'll write about.

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