Do you hear that scratching sound?

Upturned Furniture

When I woke up this morning, my bedside table was upside down and the lamp was on the floor. It was completely upturned so I don't think it could have fallen over. I'm sure I would have heard it if it had. When I went into the lounge both of the small tables next to the couch were also upside down and the porcelain fisherman that usually sits on the right of the sofa was on the floor too. It wasn't broken or anything... it was just sitting on the floor. My grandfather usually gets up early on a...
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Gran's Fall

Last night my gran fell while getting out of the bath. We've told her a thousand times that she needs to get handrails installed, she's had a few close calls in the past, but she refuses to change anything in the house since my uncle died. My grandfather and I helped her up and back into bed. Her ankle was swollen and had started to turn blue by this morning so we took her to the doctor. They did some x-rays and determined that she has cracked a bone in her ankle. He put her foot in a cast and p...
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A Temporary Home

I've been staying at my grandparents' house for almost two months now. After my dad died in March, my mother couldn't cope and was committed to Fort Napier Psychiatric Hospital in Pietermaritzburg. My gran spoke to the nurses there and they say she's probably not coming out for six months at least. That was last week... so I guess I'm going to be staying here for most of the year. I remember this house from my childhood. We stayed here for a time after my family moved down from Johannesburg and...
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