Upturned Furniture

When I woke up this morning, my bedside table was upside down and the lamp was on the floor. It was completely upturned so I don't think it could have fallen over. I'm sure I would have heard it if it had. When I went into the lounge both of the small tables next to the couch were also upside down and the porcelain fisherman that usually sits on the right of the sofa was on the floor too. It wasn't broken or anything... it was just sitting on the floor.

My grandfather usually gets up early on a Friday to clean the pool. When he came in afterwards I asked him about the tables and he just shrugged and proceeded to turn them over again and put the fisherman back its place. He seemed annoyed. I didn't tell him about the bedside table in my room.

It was my turn to cook breakfast this morning so I thought I would make canned ham and eggs, which is my gran's favourite. When I opened the fridge to get the eggs there were no less than eight full cups of coffee on various shelves. "I told you I like it cold," my grandfather shouted from the other room. He obviously heard me opening the fridge. I sliced the ham and fried the eggs, easy over like my gran likes them but she only woke up at 10AM and by the time she did it had gone cold and she said she wasn't hungry. My grandfather ate it all.

I asked my gran this afternoon whether he has been taking his medication and she said he has but seemed unusually dismissive and preoccupied with Egoli (her favourite soap opera, which is in Afrikaans even though she doesn't speak a word of Afrikaans). I think she was probably just in an irritable mood because of her ankle.

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