English - Intrest Topic

The topic that interested me over the summer has been climate change. This topic has hung around my mind for quite a while as we learned about it in almost every year of school as it has always been a problem that existed for people in my generation. My recent interest in it was more to do so with the terrifying changes that have become a lot more prominent over the summer. The talk of climate change has risen to a more dangerous level as it is not being dealt with by today's leaders. Events such as the large fire in the Gulf of Mexico and the very clear change in temperature in places like America where the heatwave this summer had been quite extreme in some areas, people have learned that big corporations and anyone with huge platforms such as country leaders are not going to change there destructive ways towards the environment.
The effects of climate change being very clear for people to notice has lead to a lot of panic in society especially the youth of today. The reason being a lot of the young adults today as well as teenagers are questioning if they have a good future to look forwards to and if there is no point in thinking ahead when predictions for the earth years ahead is not looking good for them.

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