Practising Writing Concisely

Prose Text Questions-

  1. Outline two ways in which Pilkington gives you a sense of perspective in the first 8 lines of the text? [2 marks]
    Pilkington gives us a sense of perspspective throght two tequiniques which are the use of descriptive language tied in with opinionated views and personal examples or comparisons.

  2. Identify two ways in which the author makes the description of the toad killings memorable. [2 marks]
    The author makes the toad killings memorable with the use of humour and a personal rebale story example. He also used analogies and gruesome decroptions.

  3. Select two examples of humour from the text and analyse the effect of each on the reader. [4 marks]
    The first example of humour is "While the lizard looks like someone had just found it crushed under a breeze block and stuck a stick up its arse. TH effect of this is fro the reader to idalze the positionhe is describing of the scropian with a bit of slang used making it quite amusing t ovisualoze this in the detail given. THe seond example is "the old woman in the nursery rhyme who swallowed acat to catch a it to catch a spider was Chineese"The effect fo this on the audience is to relate it to something that everyone has known in there childhood and compare it to this situation making it amusing comparison.

Video Questions-

  1. Outline two ways in which sound plays a role in this scene. (Do not include comments on the use of voice-over here). [2 marks]
    Two examples are the start sounds such as the background talking and fruying of food which is diegetic and asynchronous which has the role of giving more perspective of being in the situation that he is talking about and making it more alive. THe other example is the music added to the video which in non-diegetic and gives the role of tying the video together to be more professional and fit in with what the video is showing.

  2. What is the overall effect of the voice-over in this extract? Select two examples of voice-over commentary and analyse their effect on the viewer. [4 marks]
    One example is the scene with the man eating the fetus eggs which has a voice over that gives quite oppinated views and some humour which gives the overall effect of the scene to the audeosnce to also be disgusted by the food but also amused. The second example of commentary is "it smells like Chineese doesn't it sort of sweet and sour" the effect of this is to allow us to have a bit more understanding and insight of the smells in the surroundings.

3.Outline two ways in which Pilkington makes the scorpion eating scene humorous through his spoken language in the scene. Give an example of each. [4 marks]
One wat is the tone of exasperation in his voice so the kind of phonetic qualities of his voice in the description gives the scorpion eating scene humour. The second way is the use of slang in his description which can be humorous as it also contracts heavily with the way the viede is made and meant to be shown.

(15 mins)

Analytical Comparison Prose Extract and Film Scene

The prose extract is taken from chapter 10, page 145 of Touching the Void by Joe Simpson. The film scene is from Ray Mears survival video from minutes 3:40-5:03.
Both of these scenes were in the situation of being stranded in an unknown area. Simpson's was I in a snowy mountain environment while Mears was in a tropical island, so quite polar opposites. The sounds used in both situations also quite contrast to each other. Joe is in a difficult situation where it is very quiet except for the diegetic sounds that he would be making which we can tell by phrases such as 'take my mitts and inner gloves off" and "jolt me". These phrases suggest movement which would make diegetic sounds in the scene contrasting to the quietness of the mountain. Mears film scene although had a mix of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds such as the sounds of the environment such as birds chirping, animal sounds, and the rustling of trees. The non-diegetic sounds used in the scene were the soft calming music which was to add an adventurous and fun mood to the video. This contrasts completely to Joe's predicament as while he has only diegetic sounds that we can understand from the text such as his movements and just simple quietness which is daunting, Mears has a less isolated situation as he can hear various animals on the island, completely different to Joe, and there is non-diegetic music playing that is upbeat and calming rather than dead silence which is worrying and scary. So we understand that although both of these examples are in every similar situation of being isolated and deserted in an unknown area there are a lot of differences other than the visuals of how both scenes are presented through sounds which set the mood.

(next paragraph would be imagery/visuals)
(15 minutes)

Film Scene Analysis 2

Comment on how emotion is conveyed through music?

01:31:10 - 01:34:00

This scene shows us the part of the story where Joe starts losing his mind from dehydration and fatigue. I belie sound played a huge element in sowing the audience the feelings and thoughts Joe went through at that time. Diegetic sounds like Joe's mad hysterical laughs, cryptic whispers to himself, whimpering and breathing portrayed to the audience his emotions of madness. Non-diagetic sounds such as weird suspenseful music, the song by Boney M and the voiceover all added the lasting touching for the audience to feel the craziness of Joe's emotions at the time. The voiceover in the movie had a timbre emotion to it which added sympathy for the audience. The rest of the non-diegetic sounds played with crescendo and decrescendo to make the scene in my opinion messy and disturbing which I believe is the feelings Joe went through at that time. All in all, the sound played a very essential role in conveying the exact madness that this scene should have to understand Joe's hallucination.

Movie Scene Ananlysis

21:30 to 22:30

This scene portrays the first big incident in the story which is a turning point from everything positive that has happened until that point. The portrayal of this moment of Jow falling off the mountain and breaking his leg was scary, shocking, and frantic created empathy in the audience and these moods were created through close up shots of the pickaxe to create foreshadowing which tied into the tense music as well as the dialogue which was non-diegetic telling us what he wanted to do at that point which didn't happen and the dull, low music with the closeup o the axes foreshadows that together to create this shocking scene. The medium and large hots also added to the empathy and scared feeling for the audience as the portrayal of far off shots showed us the danger of a fall at that point and the big vastness that Joe would fall into. All in all believe the music, dialogue and, camera angles all portray the first big incident very well creating a sense of empathy for the audience and portraying the importance of this scene quite well.

Time of writing exercise: 15 minutes

English Touching the Void Passage Analysis of Setting

In chapter 1 page 21 of Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, the last paragraph of this passage describes the surroundings of Joe and Simon’s view as they sit down for a brew. The paragraph describes the vastness of their position on the mountain as well as the isolation of their surroundings and the tranquil feel of it all. We see this in phrases such as ‘huge sweep over two shoulders of rock’, ‘by far the highest mountain to be seen and dominated our view...glistening with ice and fresh snow’ and ‘corniced and rocky, arched up from the col below Seria Norte’. These phrases all describe the enormous view that they see from their position as well as the brightness of snow all sound them. The paragraph also has a euphoric feeling of mountain climbing of them being so small surrounded by such big creations, but it also touches on the more dangerous parts of mountain climbing to come as said for example in the phrase ‘corniced and rocky’. It describes the mountain shape and textures in beautiful light but foreshadows the trouble of climbing those paths will be in the near future of the story as it reaches the climax. The exposition of this paragraph is rising action leading to climax with the mood being shown in a good light through description but also foreshadowing that the same description will be shown in a more terrifying mood as they move on to climbing what they just described which will be the climax of the story.

English - Intrest Topic

The topic that interested me over the summer has been climate change. This topic has hung around my mind for quite a while as we learned about it in almost every year of school as it has always been a problem that existed for people in my generation. My recent interest in it was more to do so with the terrifying changes that have become a lot more prominent over the summer. The talk of climate change has risen to a more dangerous level as it is not being dealt with by today's leaders. Events such as the large fire in the Gulf of Mexico and the very clear change in temperature in places like America where the heatwave this summer had been quite extreme in some areas, people have learned that big corporations and anyone with huge platforms such as country leaders are not going to change there destructive ways towards the environment.
The effects of climate change being very clear for people to notice has lead to a lot of panic in society especially the youth of today. The reason being a lot of the young adults today as well as teenagers are questioning if they have a good future to look forwards to and if there is no point in thinking ahead when predictions for the earth years ahead is not looking good for them.