Dropping the reader into a scene

Drop-in Scene #5 - Finding out who murdered her brother.

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Thump, thump, thump.
After three whole months of searching, she would finally know who had murdered her brother. Every emotion that she felt on the dreadful day she found out her brother wasn’t only missing, but dead, returned. Grief, confusion, anger. She would finally have someone to blame, to hate with every fiber of her being, and to ask the question that consumed her thoughts the past few months. Why? Why my brother?
Hands shaking she carefully ripped the top of the envelope grabbing the paper in it with frosty dry hands. Unfolding the paper she quickly scanned it, finding on the bottom right clearly written in bold.
DNA Match: Jason Katz & Natasha Katz.
The endless feeling of falling. That’s what it felt like finding out your parents were responsible for the murder of your brother. Their own son, flesh, blood, and all. No matter how many times Skye read and reread the names written on those papers they wouldn’t change. None of it made sense, how could it? The papers were clearly faulty. The girl looked once again at the papers now forcing a laugh reading her parent's name, how stupid was she to even consider her parents could have done this for even a split second. So Stupid.
The sudden honking of a car broke the girl out of her thoughts. Quickly shoving the paper in her jacket pocket she turned to meet the sight of Jannie in her red convertible smirking. Skye waved at her, forcing a grin as she approached the door of the car getting in hurriedly. Only feeling now how numb her body had become in the early morning chilly air of Autumn, she let out a shuddering breath glad to be in the toasty vehicle. Her friend greeted her then went on a rant speaking a mile a minute. Skye didn’t mind at all, suddenly glad not to use her voice fearing her distress would escape. Her thoughts didn’t stop though, for the next hour the horrific thought of the paper that felt like it was burning in her pocket, was correct.

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