Descriptive Writing Picture Response Practice

The movement of rubble against the hoof of a struggling donkey produced the only element of sound for miles. The still air, cloudy sky, and empty hills around the lone donkey were soundless. The absolute isolation of it being the only living creature in this environment surprisingly did not make him stand out. Instead, the varied brown shades of the animal alongside the dull and neutral colors of the load that it carried blended flawlessly in with the earthy shades of the monotonous hills.

The donkey's expression somehow reflected the bleariness of the day. His dull eyes seemed to scream in tiredness as he trudged along at a sluggish pace. A person looking at him from a distance would say that he didn't seem to move at all. He did though. Gradually climbing another hill successfully. The assumption that the donkey was tired would be accurate, but that he was not determined, false. His ears were perked up, black eyes holding a strong gaze at the path in front of him. Yes, this donkey had a mission that he was set on completing. He was a donkey after all, they were indeed stubborn.

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