Desctiptive Writing Formative

Timing 35 mins:

A gleaming ray of sunlight caught my eyes instinctively making me reach my tan arm to shield them. Tremendously irritated by the stupid choice of wearing sneakers on this day trip, I looked down at the many blisters I had attained. Every step I took gave a burning sensation of pain to my ankle. The likelihood of reaching the top of this stairway for me was very low, so I stood there trying to admire what I could see from the step I was at. Unstable pillars, broken walls of bricks, and the bright sky was the view I managed to appreciate. Standing at this spot now allowed me to truly catch sight of the beauty of the colors that surrounded me. A collection of shades of brown that any artist would desire deeply, the almost vacant of clouds light blue sky which I consider a blessing from the murky dull skies of Belgium.
Just now I noticed the silence that consumed the place. It felt like the sudden tranquility was a sign to soak in the centuries worth of sacred individuals who walked these very steps before me. I imagine marquis, knights, and noblemen climbing up these stairs when the colors around me now would instead be vibrant instead of dull and the pillars would stand tall with pride in contrast to the crumbling columns now. Apprehending that historic human beings could have walked on the same ground I have was always difficult for me. Standing there in sweats, blistered feet and tangled hair felt disrespectful now to my surroundings, but also grew newfound respect for history and how much time can change circumstances. Perhaps today I did not reach the top but the new grown hope filled my chest that one day I would. All you need is time.

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