20. Task 2 Exam Practice Descriptive Writing

The hours before a rainstorm scent filled the area. Grimy yet refreshing. Murky thick clouds were spread in no orderly fashion contrary to the traditional glowy cotton-candy shaped ones. The sky was angry. The ground was no different. Desolate with yet an ominous feel that made the area feel eerie. A swift wind stirred and shifted the mouldering pieces of material that scattered around the sizable carousel which stood proud even with parts of it decaying. Emerald and crimson embellishments that seemed untouched added to the significance of the carousel that stood in an area which was unmatched for it. As the clouds shook with a rumbling sound signalling an intense cascade of rain that was holding back for no longer than a few more seconds, a large portion of the carousel fell as if indicating its defeat to the weather. Time was up.

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