16. Screenplay Writing Practice

David & Mahroosh

Scene heading: Ext. Island - Day

Action: In the early hours of the day on an unknown island off the coast of India, Alo and his two brothers decide to explore the southern side of the island. The three of them stumbled upon the sun seeping through the dense trees.

(In a confused tone)
What the hell is this?

I don't know, let's take a closer look.

Action: Alo leads Liwanu and Adriel towards a large white machine that was severely damaged.


What is this strange piece of equipment? Are there any humans in it? Go check Liwanu.

Action: Liwanu heads towards the wreckage

It is vacant. What do we do now?

I suggest we head back and call the others to investigate with us.

I agree, let’s go.

Action: They walk back to the others to share the mysterious situation that they discovered.

End scene

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