My name is makayla. I am in twelfth grade. This is my english blog.

4th Post: Rewriting Paper 2

The book God of Carnage (underlined) was written by Yasmina Reza, a French playwright and novelist. The book is about two couples coming together in an attempt to resolve an issue between their two children, which ultimately fails. The book Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Also underlined, use your imagination) was translated by Edward Albee. This book also has two couples coming together, not in attempts of resolution however, but for a night of fun. What ensues, though, is chaos, when they all...
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3rd Post : Boghossian Arguments

What do you think about Boghossian's arguments? How does it affect your ideas about next year? Feel free to see this as a broad assignment - write/explain/argue about whatever the article made you think about. The way Peter Boghossian wrote his letter was very interesting to me. I think instead of convincing me of his argument, it turned me against him. The very techniques meant to be persuasive were repelling me the whole time, they came off as standoffish, superior, and slightly manipulative....
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Paper 1 Practice Exercises

The rainy night had ushered in a misty morning-half frost, half drizzle-and temporary brooks crossed our path, gurgling from the uplands -Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights Discuss: Bronte uses both visual and auditory imagery in this passage. Which words create visual images? Which words create auditory images? Which words create both? -Really all of the words create visual and auditory images. A gurgling brook conjures the image of a stream running down a hillside, but a brook is not the same ...
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2nd Post

Prompt : What caught your attention this year? What are you interested in at the moment? This can be a story, an event, a hobby, skill, relationship...anything. One thing that caught my interest this year was that I am an astounding corn-hole (tailgate toss) player. The only thing is that I can only hit the board when I am throwing the bean bags left handed. I guess it must run in my family. Although none of us are left handed (a few of us can't even wave with their left hand), my grandmother p...
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