4th Post: Rewriting Paper 2

The book God of Carnage (underlined) was written by Yasmina Reza, a French playwright and novelist. The book is about two couples coming together in an attempt to resolve an issue between their two children, which ultimately fails. The book Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Also underlined, use your imagination) was translated by Edward Albee. This book also has two couples coming together, not in attempts of resolution however, but for a night of fun. What ensues, though, is chaos, when they allow problems in their own marriages to affect the night. In both books, there are two couples meeting with each other. Both of the authors of the books present female strength in two different ways. Reza shows it by showing a mother's love and protection for their child. Albee shows female strength by showing Martha, matching and outwitting her husband George throughout the book, in the mean tricks they play on each other. Even though George wins in the end of the book, the author shows how the loss of Martha's son, while devastating, does not destroy her.

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