1. We are forced upon a structure of technology that is based on cartesian mathematics.
  2. Art and design should not disconnect from our natural environment
  3. Disassociating our art with nature causes a non Terrestrial thinking
  4. Our artificial systems are clearly not working and are not sustainable
  5. We should use the support we got from nature to build on in our own pace.
  6. We need to destroy the boundary between our cartesian systems and the organic systems that nature propose
  7. If we want a more sustainable future we need to understand, get inspired by and incorporate biotic and abiotic environments
  8. With these new systems of symbiosis we can design future tools which are coherent with our environment and especially ourselves.
  9. We want a symbiosis between our creations and earth systems
  10. Biomimetics and Bionics are the next logical step in our evolution, to keep a healthy relationship with our environment
  11. Embrace the apparent unpredictability and chaos of nature, where everything is measurable and mathematically translatable
  12. Our new media allow the possibility of a full natural process reproduction, serving our necessities
  13. Programming was designed by humans for humans, rethinking these syntaxes to reshape the environment of technology and therefore the way technology thinks.
  14. Parametricism is to be an important foundation for this new approach to design, to reshape the old programmed cartesian mind, in favour of a more unpredictable outcome open for new possibilities.

-- Giovanni, Amrith & Max

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