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What weightlifting is all about - it may not be what you think!

Welcome you hold in your hands a comprehensive guide to the most exciting strength and power sport ever never loved Olympic style weightlifting.
Weightlifting is a sport that challenges is participants in a way that no other support can making them strong mentally as well as physically.
Yet the best lifting is one of the most misunderstood sports in the world.
Mention the word weightlifting to anyone you meet and that person will probably affirm that he or she knows what weightlifting is.
Goals ever in my experience most people do not understand the difference between those who participate in the actual sport and the other millions of people who have lift for variety of other reasons.
Moreover, an even larger majority of people Harbor at least one major fallacy regarding the sport of weightlifting. Therefore, it is appropriate to begin this book by briefly explaining what they do lifting is why one would want to participate in it and what major policies people off and hold about the sport.
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