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Foot Spacing for the Jerk

Most lifters assume a foot position in the jerk that is similar to the one they use in the pull. The most common position is the so called "jumping" position, the same position that the lifter would assume in order to achieve a maximum standing. jump height (usually about the width of the hips with a minor turning out of the toes). This position may promote application of maximum force during the explosion phase of the jerk, but, in the jerk as in the pull, some lifters will find this position ineffective overall.
For example, in the jerk some lifters have a tendency to lean forward at the torso when they are dipping with a jumping stance. This can often be corrected by shortening the lifter's dip and asking the lifter to focus on a strictly vertical dip. Despite these efforts, the lifter may persist in dipping forward. In such a case, many lifters will find it easier to keep the back in an arched position and to dip straight with a wider and/or more turned-out foot position (particularly if the knees travel over the toes during the dip). If the lifter uses such a position, something may indeed be given up in terms of the power developed in the drive, but improved control over the direction of the drive may well make such a loss acceptable.

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