The Oly Encyclopedia 74

Unlocking the knees in Preparation for the Dip

The rules of weightlifting generally require that the athlete straighten his or her legs fully at the conclusion of the clean. Many lifters begin the dip from this position (i.e., with the legs straight). Other lifters and coaches believe that the knees should be unlocked slightly before the dip for the jerk commences. They argue that doing this makes the dip smoother and straighter that when the lifter first unlocks the knees while dipping.
The advantage of the locked leg position is that it minimizes the development of fatigue in the quadriceps while the lifter is preparing for the dip. For a lifter who takes some time in preparation for the dip, maintaining a straight leg position can be very important (at least until just before the lifter begins the dip proper). For most lifters this is a minor issue, and either approach will work. For those lifters who are having trouble controlling their dips, it is probably a good idea to experiment with both styles and to adopt the one that is most successful.

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