Working on the #100Days challenge

Secular music or nah

I remember when this used to be a major struggle of trying to live a Christian life, haha. In between Stacie Oricco and Cece Winans, was Celine Dion and Linkin Park Sigh What to do.
10yrs later one finally starts to get it. It’s the stuff that feeds your life that matters. I’m such a huge fan of dance music, I can’t explain what that music does to me, but I find my self listening to it less and less, possibly the last time was last year. It’s not that I am trying to avoid it, it’s just that I have found new loves.
When a person is newly in love and totally focused on the subject, it’s not that they don't like other people its that a priority has been established. the desire for others wanes as the desire for the beloved grows. Thats how it has been with music.
Excuse me today while I go sing some Carols.

Death is Love

Cancer is what it looks like if Adam & Eve got to eat the tree of life.
God made cells with the ability to die when there is an error, damage, rebellion etc Cancer cells are cells that attain “immortality” they will grow forever until they kill the organism. However God also made our immune system with the ability to recognise these aberrant cells and destroy them. He also made substances in plants that can induce cell death in these immortal cells or prevent them from accessing the fuels they need so they die.

Death is a form of Gods kindness and God has made provision on every level.


there is room in our hearts for all the things that matter