Sri Bhagavan on Supreme light and supreme love ❤️


Finally, the Kalki Antharyamin will take you to the Supreme Light. After you leave this world and body, you will meet the Supreme Light in 3 minutes.

When you meet the Supreme Light, you will be filled with Supreme Love. The Supreme Light is the Supreme Love. That is why you have the Mahavakyas - I am the Supreme Light, Supreme love, etc.

In that Supreme Love, you will see the review of your life just for 3 minutes. You will feel the pain you caused to others and judge yourself as bad, the same way you judged others when you were on earth. Unable to forgive yourself you will feel that you deserved to suffer and ask for a birth of suffering; unable to forgive others, you will seek a life of vengeance. The Supreme Light does not judge or punish or decide your next life. It is you who will choose your own suffering and what you should be in the next birth. The Supreme Light grants you your wish - TATAASTU.

You will even choose to go to hell. Hell is real. Hell is 25% physical torture and 75% psychological torture. In hell you will have the deepest desire to die, but you cannot die at all. When your body is cut and roasted, it will disintegrate and again come together in seconds to go through the suffering again and again - innumerable times too, for many years too.

If you are egoistic, you cannot escape hell. For some, only humiliation in hell again and again can reduce the ego. No other way. So you should give up ego. Same thing with women arrogance. You will go through hell till you learn to be humble and respect women. If you don't learn your lessons you will complete your learning in hell. Hell last for even 100 years.

We want to save you from Hell. If you say, 'Amma Bhagavan', you will be pulled out of hell. But you should remember to say it at that time. You will remember there only what you do often here.

Sri Bhagavan

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