Sri Bhagavan on to go after or give up

Padapranams Sri Bhagavan, would practicing contentment or being satisfied with what we have reduce one's Thank efficiency in the world? Is motivation to become popular or famous in the external world wrong?


nothing is wrong as long as it comes naturally to you. I believe in two kinds of dharma. One is the dharma of the mind and the other, the dharma of the heart. If your heart has not flowered, it means you are functioning within the framework of the mind. When you are leading a life within the framework of the mind, you must be true to it. The mind revolves around the self and the self needs expression. The self would love to have money, name and fame. These come very naturally to the self. The self might even make sacrifices - I don't want money, I don't want name, I don't want fame. That also is only self-expression because you want people to love you and to recognize your greatness. You gave up everything and you feel very nice about it. Whether you feel nice about giving up money or by having money or whether you feel nice by giving up name and fame or by having them, it is up to you, but it is the same thing. Whether you give up or go after it, it is the expression of the self. So, as long as you are functioning within the mind, seeking for name, fame is very natural. Be true to that. Then there are those in-whom the heart has flowered. These people naturally have no attachments to things. Not that they practise it. It is natural to them because their heart has flowered. Contentment and satisfaction is their true state. Not that they are less efficient or less motivated. Only that they do it for a greater cause and not for fulfilling their self.

~Sri Bhagavan

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