Mr. Carlier IO feedback final outline

Here are the points you need to pay attention to as you finalise your outline and extracts:


  • Make sure the global issue is clearly and concisely worded
  • The global issue should have a narrow enough focus (when, for example?)
  • make sure you both introduce the texts and unpack the global issue in your introduction


  • Reserve your (very) close reading work for the extracts
  • You don't need to quote from the wider work/bow; paraphrasing is fine


  • I recommend using your outline to remind yourself of the balance requirement, which is: 2 min per extract, 2 min for the body of work, 2 min for the work
  • You do not have to compare the texts; you may want to evaluate the two texts in relation to the global issue in your conclusion


  • Use the IB outline form; don't make your own version
  • Film as text requires both stills (2 or 3, with captions and time stamps) and a short script/transcript of the scene, which can have directions (Merrida grins)
  • You may have to do your best and transcribe the scene yourself
  • Remove full sentences from your outline; this is to avoid reading out
  • Remove quotes that are also in the extracts from your outline; replace with line numbers
  • double check that the content lines up correctly in the PDF version, which is the one I'll print

Uploading your work

Please upload your work as one PDF:

  1. outline
  2. extract 1
  3. extract 2

I will lock the dropbox at 10.30 tomorrow morning.

Final points

Lastly, please do not present a different outline or global issue on the day. I need to be calm and focused in order to help you achieve the highest grade possible (Q&A). If you present me with something that is different from what I have prepared, then I'll be spending my energy attempting to figure out what is similar and different to what I prepared, resulting in loss of focus on the most important thing: listening to your arguments and analysis.

You are not bound by your outline. If, over the break, you think of additional points, you are welcome to say them. You can say more than what is on your outline, as the outline serves as an aide.

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