What I did and Wanted to do this year - Rushil Shah

This summer, I had developed an interest to go swimming. In the past, I did not go swimming very often. I would only go if it was a party or if friends were meeting. But around the end of my 9th grade, I started to grow interested. In the summer, I went swimming many times and because I went many times, I realised that I wanted to learn a couple of new tricks. I went swimming here, in Belgium, and also where I went on holiday, in India. I was in Belgium for about 2 to 3 weeks after the holiday started and I went swimming almost every alternate day. For the days I was in India, I did not go swimming as much but I still tried to go every alternate day. At the start, I used to go swimming alone, which was fine. But later I decided to go with some friends and when I went with them, it got a lot more fun because, with them, I could use a lot of their tricks and a lot of their advice. When I went swimming in India, I went with my cousins. I managed to learn some of the easy but not basic moves for swimming but later this year, I want to learn some complex swimming tricks, and also try to improve my speed while I am swimming. If possible, then I will try to go swimming with a friend and as them, if they could keep giving me tips on how to swimming better.

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