Touching the Void - Analysis of Different Effects - Rushil Shah

Analysis of Different Effects
In the extract from Touching the Void, by Joe Simpson, in chapter 1, the mood seems to be peaceful and exciting since it is an introduction to Joe’s passion and mountaineering. The author creates this mood through words that connote these feelings in order to describe his thoughts and the scenic view; For example, “calming”, “tranquil”, “independence” and “glistening”.

In this extract, we can see that Joe found it to be calming when he was up in the mountains, alone, isolated by everyone else. “For the first time in my life I knew what it meant to be isolated from people and society. It was wonderfully calming and tranquil to be here”. In this quote, the word isolated is used in the same manner but it doesn’t give off the same energy. The main function of this passage is to show Joe’s passion for mountaineering through his feeling of freedom and peace. Simon wanted to try and reach the top as soon as he could whereas Joe took his time and was appreciating the scene. This tells us that Joe really does want to fulfil his dream and wants to take pride while doing so.

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