The Eye of the World - Chapter 36 [#100Days, Day 26]

What's In A Name: Loial

    Shortly after settling in at the Queen's Blessing, Rand (almost quite literally) bumps into the Ogier, Loial.  At this point, little is known about the Ogier.  They have a fondness for trees and all things that grow and they work wonders with stone carving.  More interesting, perhaps, is the pronunciation of this particular Ogier's name: LOY-ahl.  Identical to loyal.  At this meeting, it's unclear how this Ogier was named, but he immediately expresses an interest in joining Rand in his travels:

The Ogier was a comforting presence.  Maybe he was young as Ogier reckoned age, but he seemed as unflappable as a rock, just like Tam.  And Loial had been all of those places , and knew about others.

The Eye of the World, p. 467

Note:  This is an extremely short post.  The effort today is focusing on keeping the habit alive, even when life gets in the way.

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