The Eye of the World - Chapter 37 & 38 [#100Days, Day 27]

Unity of Effort

You must understand, there are ... factions within Tar Valon.  Some would fight the Dark One one way, some another.  The goal is the same, but the differences ... the differences can mean lives changed, or ended.  The lives of men or nations.

Lan, The Eye of the World, p. 486

    People aren't robots; so by default, there will always be varying degrees of opinion in any organization.  Smaller organizations generally have an easier time avoiding or overcoming severe differences of opinion.  Large organizations, on the other hand, can find progress crippled by factions.  It's especially evident when significant changes are planned - there will always be a contingent that opposes the move.  For leaders, it's a frustrating spot.  The direction is clear, but resistance to that progress can doom the entire project.  Big changes are challenging to manage.  Change causes angst and opposing factions can use that to rally additional folks to their flag.  An effective counter is detailed and engaged communications.  Working with the opposing faction(s), understanding their concerns, detailing the plan forward with the workforce at large; obtaining unity of effort requires intensive communications.  This isn't a propaganda campaign, but engaged dialogues, countering concerns from a multitude of angles.  It requires leaders to maintain open minds; there may be incredibly valuable solutions held by opposing factions.  The solution set should be unique to each individual organization.  A solution that has worked in the past doesn't necessarily guarantee success in the present, nor is it the only possible solution.

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