The Eye of the World - Chapter 39 & 40 [#100Days, Day 28]

An Oath Kept

    "Suspicion is smothering Caemlyn, perhaps all of Andor.  Fear and black suspicion.  Women denounce their neighbors for Darkfriends.  Men scrawl the Dragon's Fang on the doors of people they have known for years.  I will not become a part of it."    

    "Morgase-" Elaida began, but the Queen cut her off.    

    "I will not become a part of it.  When I took the throne I swore to uphold justice for the high and the low, and I will uphold it even if I am the last in Andor to remember justice. ..."

Queen Morgase, The Eye of the World, p. 515

        Commitment implies action.  Not just a singular effort, but continuous engagement.  It requires constant evaluation of the current state in relation to impacts of current efforts.  To be most effective, such evaluation should be objective and rooted in some measurable criterion.  Many organizations boast a "Commitment to Excellence", but how do they measure it?  How do you evaluate your own organization?  For leaders, it's important to consider the metrics being gathered.  An oft-overlooked consequence of metrics is that they drive behaviors.  Measuring assembly line throughput based on units per hour against a "set standard" or "accepted industry benchmark"?  The risk of poor quality may increase as lines that exceed the benchmark are rewarded.  Incentivizing overall schedule to ensure on-time delivery?  A similar quality risk exists.  Leading yourself in a commitment to enhancing fitness and health?  A reward for merely "going to the gym" may erode the overall made towards the goals.  Commitment matched with discipline will drive the organization to excellence.

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