The Great Hunt - Chapter 28 [#100Days, Day 55]

Leadership Development: Perrin

    The view point for this chapter switches back to Perrin, Mat, Verin, Ingtar and the rest of the Shienarans still on the hunt for Fain and Rand.  Perrin continues to to use his link with the wolves to track Fain and the Darkfriends, and as his eyes have sharpened, so has his skill at observation, especially of minute details.  This chapter is rich with examples of Perrin's literal eye for detail:

  • He notices that "Uno somehow manage[s] to look offended without changing his expression"
  • Perrin "[catches] a sudden air of readiness" about Urien, the Aielman who stops the group
  • When Urien cannot speak details of Rhuidean, Perrin "[grips his axe in spite of himself]" based on how the Aielman phrased his reply

    Observation is the first step in the OODA Loop; and Perrin exhibits a mastery that seems to allow him to predict the future.  He readies himself without thought based simply on visual cues and speech patterns; in combat such anticipation is the line between life and death.  The eye for detail is also extremely critical for non-combat situations.  It allows a focus on discipline up and down the chain of command.  If a leader is known for a very critical eye, then it trains the subordinates to anticipate that and develops their own critical eye, so that only good products are passed on.  It provides coaching and mentoring opportunities for the leader to regularly engage with the team to ensure their eye for detail is developing.  Similarly, if the leader's bosses recognize that eye for detail, more autonomous operating parameters are usually given, as well as opportunities for additional assignments or projects where that skill is valued.  

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