The Great Hunt - Chapter 29 [#100Days, Day 56]

The Power of Intent: Geofram Bornhald

    Lord Captain of the Children of the Light, Geofram Bornhald, makes a return.  Perrin killed two of his men in the abandoned stedding in The Eye of the World; a fact that Lord Bornhald is intent on seeing to justice.  At the moment, however, Geofram's orders are clear: obey the even more fanatical sub-sect of the Children with a penchant for horrific torture and who deeply believe in guilt until innocence is proven.  

    His legion was too scattered for his liking, with Questioners having too many of the commands, but his orders had been explicit: Obey the Questioners.
Geofram Bornhald, The Great Hunt, p. 349

    Despite the calm veneer, Geofram is deeply conflicted with his orders.  Perhaps not necessarily that he needs to obey the Questioners, but their methods and his implicit culpability for the results.  

    Bornhald's hand slapping the table cut [Child Byar] off.  "What Darkfriends?  I have seen nothing in any village [Questioner Jaichim Carridin] has ordered taken except farmers and craftsmen worried that we will burn their livelihoods, and a few old women who tend the sick."  Byar's face was a study in lack of expression; he was always readier than Bornhald to see Darkfriends.  "And children, Byar.  Do children here become Darkfriends?"
Geofram Bornhald, The Great Hunt, p. 352

    Despite the Lord Captain Commander, Pedron Niall, personally giving Bornhald his orders, providing the Questioners with teams of his own men accosting locals and trying to stir up a civil war is probably not the true intent of the Lord Captain Commander.  Cutting his losses and pursuing what he believes the true threat, the Seanchan, meets both the intent of his orders to obey the Questioners and the intent of the Children of the Light as an organization and its current Lord Captain Commander.

    Intent allows members of the team to think and act independently to achieve the overall organizational desires.  For Geofram, the order to obey the Questioners is vague enough to allow him the maneuverability to maintain his personal sense of honor and drive towards the overall greater organizational goals.  Since the Questioners lack that same flexibility, Geofram is able to capitalize on their weak communications lines to effectively disappear from their notice. 

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