The Great Hunt - Chapter 37 [#100Days, Day 63]

Time to Roll the Dice

    With Machin Shin waiting at the entrance to every Waygate, the Ogier lead Rand, Verin and the rest to another portal stone; similar to the ones Rand, Hurin and Loial used with Selene.  Verin knows enough of the Portal Stone to be dangerous, as the saying goes.  She doesn't know what all the symbols mean, just the ones that indicate the current Stone and the one of Toman Head.  

    "... You must choose.  As my father would have said, it's time to roll the dice."
    Rand stared, shaking his head,  "I could kill all of us, whatever I choose. ..."
    ... Rand heard his teeth grinding and forced himself to unclench his jaw.  The symbols could all have been exactly alike, for all they meant to him.  The script could as well have been a chicken's scratchings.  At last he settled on one, with an arrow pointing left because it pointed towards Toman Head, an arrow that pierced the circle because it had broken free, as he wanted to.  He wanted to laugh.  Such small things on which to gamble all their lives.

Verin and Rand, The Great Hunt, p. 444

    We've discussed before about making decisions with little information; but what about with zero information?  Rand is making a guess, and associating meaning to it after the fact.  If he was standing on the other side of the Stone, would he have picked the arrow pointing right, as from that perspective it would be pointing towards Toman Head?  The only real thing to do is to decide, and do it confidently*.  

Recall back to Chapters 19 & 20 when Rand was in a similar situation operating with no information.  

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