The Great Hunt - Chapter 45 [#100Days, Day 69]

I Don't Always Plan, But When I Do, I Keep It Simple

    Events are rapidly drawing together.  Nynaeve, Min and Elayne subdue a suldam and, in a quick audible on the fly, leash her instead of one of them.  All the while, Bayle Domon sits onboard the Spray waiting for the women to return.  At the same time, Ingtar, Hurin, Rand, Mat and Perrin arrive in Falme, anxious to find the Horn.  They find it in the possession of Seanchan High Lord Turak.  Rand finds himself face to face with Turak, a true blademaster, in a duel for the Horn.

    The three strands in this chapter wrap around the concept of adaptability.  Their plans are somewhat vague to start with - really giving general objectives only: get the Horn, rescue Egwene, stay in port until the passengers board - keeping the details simple.  Nynaeve's plan is probably the most fleshed out, but she still left herself options.  She had a backup plan in case things went awry (albeit it's of the "you'll never take me alive" flavor in order to buy Elayne and Min's escape).  Captain Domon also had a backup ready - hold fast until Seanchan soldiers show up.  Rand and Ingtar use Mat and Hurin to locate the dagger and Fain's trail, respectively.  

    By keeping the plan loose and details simple, the three teams are able to capitalize on options as they're presented.  Instead of using Elayne as a damane, Nynaeve chooses to collar the suldam Seta, finding that it's an even more effective wrinkle to the plan than the original ideas.  Captain Domon has Spray poised to leave regardless of who comes; Seanchan soldiers or the four women.  Fain's trail saturates the town, throwing Hurin in circles; but Mat comes through in locating the dagger and, by extension, the Horn.  Had the leaders of the teams been too rigid in their planning and execution, opportunities would have been passed over.  Keeping options open is extremely valuable.

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