The Dragon Reborn - Chapters 15 & 16 [#100Days, Day 87]

Leader Development: Nynaeve

    Following their dismissal from the Amyrlin's offices, Nynaeve and Egwene find themselves targets of a Gray Man.  Egwene barely misses a crossbow bolt to the head.  The two women give chase, and find the Gray Man dead with a knife in his chest.  The Mistress of Novices conveniently arrives shortly after to assist in cleaning up the dead Gray Man. 

    "Did you notice what Sheriam did not mention?"

    "No. What?"

    " She never wondered who stabbed him.  Now, come on.  My room is just down here, and you can put your feet up while we talk."

Nynaeve and Egwene, The Dragon Reborn, p. 146

    "There is something else, too," Nynaeve said.  "I am afraid the Amyrlin may mean to let Mat die."

    "But an Aes Sedai is supposed to Heal anyone who asks."  The Daughter-Heir seemed caught between indignation and disbelief.  "Why would she let Mat die?  I cannot believe it!  I will not!"

    "Nor can I!"  Egwene gasped.  She could not have meant that!  The Amyrlin couldn't let him die!  "All the way here Verin said that the Amyrlin would see he was Healed."

    Nynaeve shook her head.  "Verin said the Amrylin would 'see to him.'  That is not the same thing.  And the Amyrlin avoided saying yes or no when I asked her.  Maybe she has not made her mind up."

    "But why?" Elayne asked.

    "Because the White Tower does what it does for its own reasons."  Nynaeve's voice made Egwene shiver.  "I do not know why.  Whether they help Mat live or let him die depends on what serves their ends.  None of the Three Oaths says they have to Heal him.  Mat is just a tool, in the Amyrlin's eyes.  So are we.  She will use us to hunt the Black Ajah, but if you break a tool so it cannot be fixed, you don't weep over it.  You just get another one.  Both of you had best remember that."

Nynaeve, Elayne and Egwene, The Dragon Reborn, p. 153 - 154

    Nynaeve is quickly developing a questioning attitude.  Not taking information at face value, but probing deeper - questing for motives and meaning.  This is a tough skill to master; and it really only comes with time and experience.  Nynaeve has a more varied experience base now than she did when we first met her in Emond's Field.  Egwene, by comparison, hasn't picked up on the small details that lead to good questions.  She takes Sheriam's actions with Gray Man with the same surety that she would any Aes Sedai - clearly because they are Aes Sedai, they must know best.  And then she does it again while trying to reconcile Nynaeve's assessment that Mat just may not be Healed.  Nynaeve's questions may be colored by her mistrust of Moiraine, and by extension, most Aes Sedai; but the matching of detail oriented eye and calm, probing questions is a step in a more positive direction than her normal temperamental self; flogging everyone about her with her staff.

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