The Dragon Reborn - Chapters 18 & 19 [#100Days, Day 89]

Leader Development: Mat

    The Amyrlin and several Aes Sedai link together and Heal Mat, breaking him from the link from the dagger of Shadar Logoth.  He awakes, still extremely weak, in visitor's chambers in the White Tower, holes in his memory filled with memories of other men in other times and places.  Along with a seeming fluidity of the Old Tongue.

    You can turn the worst that comes to your advantage is you only think, his father always said, and certainly Abell Cauthon was the best horse trader in the Two Rivers.  When it seemed somebody had taken advantage of Mat's father, it always turned out they had gotten the greasy end of the stick. Not that Abell Cauthon ever did anything dishonest, but even Taren Ferry folk never got the best of him, and everybody knew how close to the bone they cut.  All because he thought about things from every side that there was.

Mat, The Dragon Reborn, p. 169 - 170

    Normally quick to leap without looking, Mat's growing a little caution.  Not to prevent any foolhardiness, but more likely to ensure any foolish ideas work to maximize his advantage.  Still, it's impressive to see Mat slowing down to think, even if it's forced on him because he's so weak he can barely stand and has nothing to do but think.  Leadership is about options; and being able to act quickly to keep options flowing.  Mat's beginning to recognize this and starting to develop the detailed thinking that's required of a good leader.

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