The Dragon Reborn - Chapters 35 & 36 [#100Days, Day 100]

Judging Books

    As quickly as they arrive in Remen, Perrin's fight with the Whitecloaks causes them to leave.  Perrin, Lan, Moiraine and Loial board a ship bound for Illian; along with a new passenger, a dark haired Saldaean woman.

    He blinked; there was no mistaking that emphasis.  "A Hunter?  You?  You cannot be a Hunter.  You're a girl."

Perrin, The Dragon Reborn, p. 335

    Perrin makes his own misstep here, discounting Zarine's abilities simply because of her gender.  This one puzzles me as it's well out of character for Perrin.  This is the sort of comment I'd expect Mat to make.  Regardless, Perrin's mistake is making a snap judgement on ability with no basis; immediately shrugging off any value Zarine brings to the team.  Perrin's behavior is odd, considering his
traveling companion is an Aes Sedai; and probably one of the more deadly
people he knows.  Of all people, he should know to maintain an open mind about new talents and skills a new team member brings.  Zarine's
response is well crafted and recalibrates Perrin; answernig the question he should have asked ("What qualifies you to be a Hunter?") and shifts the tone of the conversation towards a respectful exchange between professionals.

    "Nimble fingers and nimble wits will take you a good deal further than a sword and muscles.  Sharp eyes help, as well, but fortunately, I have these things."

Zarine, The Dragon Reborn, p. 335

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