Interlude III [#101]

100 Days Challenge Complete

    This is by no means the end; merely a quick reflection on what the past 100 days have been.  This was a great challenge: 42,528 words written from 13 May to 20 August.  That's a small novel (or large novella).  Were there days when I absolutely did not want to write anything? Most definitely (weekends were usually the hardest).  Just as there were days where it was tremendously hard to find a link in the text to leadership.  And there were a couple days of pure phoning it in to meet the requirement (not every workout is a perfect ten either; some days are just logging the mileage or reps to keep the habit ingrained, sacrificing a bit of progress for a lot of continuity).  But it wasn't an agonizing struggle; just the normal struggle of a challenge set and the desire not to fail in the achievement. 

    There were also many days of pieces I was incredibly proud of at the end of the session; pieces that I found incredibly interesting at the links my own mind made.  I stated at the beginning, this is an exercise in very free-form, stream-of-consciousness writing with minimal editing.  This took some of the burden of creating "term paper" perfect writing; allowing me to instead simply see what weird and wacky connections my mind makes.  All entries written and posted the same day, usually within the same hour.  And some of the themes repeat; but that's to be expected.  Leadership is iterative.

    Moving forward, I plan to continue this effort.  For the moment, the challenge remains the same: write every day.  Part of it, a large part of it, is a fear that once the habit stops, it stops for a lot longer than intended until it finally disappears.  I'll likely drop the #100Days tag, but continue to count the entries.  Next stop: 200 and beyond!


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