The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 51 [#113]

'Til Shade Is Gone

    Juilin Sandar, the thieftaker hired by Nynaneve, Elayne and Egwene, is successful in finding Liandrin and the others.  Unfortunately, Liandrin got to him first, and sprung a trap on the three women.  Egwene, never once forgetting her torment at the hands of the Seanchan, fought until she was unconscious.  Elayne, gave a fair account of herself as well, despite the pampered upbringing of a Daughter-Heir.  Nynaeve fought until she crumpled; not quite unconscious, but close.  Then they kept fighting.

    Nynaeve ached to do something for Egwene, but she let herself be pushed out into the street.  She made them push her; it was a small way of fighting back, refusing to cooperate, but it was all she had at the moment.

Nynaeve, The Dragon Reborn, p. 519

    Bait? For what? For who?  "You are the fool, Liandrin!  Do you think we are here alone?  Only three of us, and not even full Aes Sedai?  We are bait, Liandrin.  And you have walked into the trap like a fat grouse."

    "Do not tell her that!"  Elayne said sharply, and Nynaeve blinked before she realized Elayne was helping her fabrication.  "If you let your anger get the best of you, you will tell them what they must not hear.  They must take us inside the Stone.  They must - "

    "Be quiet!" Nynaeve snapped.  "You are letting your tongue run away with you!"  Elayne managed to look abashed behind her bruises.  Let them chew on that, Nynaeve thought.

Nynaeve and Elayne, The Dragon Reborn, p. 520

    Sometimes plans fall apart completely.  Situations change, and sometimes the change is so drastic that the only option is to create a new set of options.  Failure is an integral part of learning.  Success is merely noted on the drive forward to keep the momentum going.  Pausing to reflect on the how and why behind the success is usually not done until the very end in the leaders' memoirs.  Failure, on the other hand, is studied from all facets to ensure it's not repeated on the next try.  And the key is to keep trying; to keep attacking. 

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