Daily Entry 6

So I subscribe to a news paper summary and today I found out that China has had some serious climate change problems. This summer they have had a super drought which has caused problems with the energy sources. They have been previously using renewable hydropower but now they have had to depend on coal. Whilst this is important because we should all be trying to go to net 0. I am not saying that they shouldn't have used coal. Their country was in a heatwave and people needed to survive but the implication on an unchanged energy source is harsh. China has 50% of the world's stock of wheat, over 60% of the world's rice and 68% of the world's corn. What happens to China as a country with climate change will impact us all.
These are essential basic food used to create a lot of other things. A impact on the production could impact our food supply and our diet which would then affect our health.
Also I just read this article, I am not that smart to do with politics.
On the other hand, I have decided to delete TikTok on my phone as a part of my increased data awareness. I have also set up excel sheets for health management instead of notion/apps as it is really cool.

Health wise I also read this great article about foods to eat during winter for immune support. The top 6 foods were:

  • Bell Peppers
  • Blueberries
  • Almonds
  • Spinach
  • Green Tea
  • Dark chocolate

As someone who is becoming more focused on health, I am trying to increase my diversity of food that I eat. I have also been making my own bread which is so yummy!
You can find the health article if you search Goss & Genius and Jeff Boadi.

As someone who was born in an EU country, I would say this is more important in the US and UK and more modernised EU country where food quality standards have dropped. I have been to the UK and the food tastes and grows differently which is so crazy!

I have decided to be honest with myself and I have hold myself accountable. I am the barrier to the life I want. I have a wavering self worth and confidence and I believe the core of this is me self sabotaging.

Also something that I want to focus on is developing critical thinking skills. I think we have a tendancy to accept a lot of things just because it has been told to us. But I want to develop my critical thinking skills so that I can see the world better.

-- Sapphire

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