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What does your boyfriend know about this? Nothing at all?

Sometimes the best action is inaction. Wait and see what comes your way.

No updates after 24th. Already missing your musings.

Things people say they regret before they die: Lacking the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them. Lacking the courage to express their feelings. Wishing they'd let themselves be happier. You shouldn't be too worried about what is 'true' and 'false', for example whether he truly loves you or not. If it feels good being with him, then it just does. But if something doesn't feel right and you're having a lot of doubts, then don't let that consume you, but just leave him.

Are you stupid?

Good to see your post after a brief break. It is usual to long for something that suddenly disappears or something that kept happening for some time suddenly stops. I call it inertia of relationships. It's just a hunch that your lover is afraid may be he don't want a commitment or may be I'm wrong he might be really busy. But I feel for your boy friend. I guess he might be the way forward. I am Male 35 and have been in that place more than once :)