Sorry I can't attend the Teams meeting, it's raining a little...

It's 2022, even the tiny village I'm in has broadband. I can watch films and TV on all of the streaming services. I can do my work, have video calls. Amazingly, even with the video turned on.

That is until the rain starts.

At first you hear the gentle patter of rain drops falling against the skylights, rhythmic, calming almost. You wonder if the person at the other end of your video call can hear it. You think about asking, maybe even apologising for the noise. There are a couple of stutters on the call, but you think nothing of it, that's just part and parcel of it all.

The sound of the rain against the glass crescendos to a roar, drowning out the sound of the call, not that it really matters, the internet gave up minutes ago. Of course though, you only just noticed, wondering how much of what you'd so eloquently been saying had been lost to the ether.

You try and rejoin, video off this time, full of apologies for your poor connection. You make it half way through saying sorry before the line drops again. Maybe dialling in would help, possibly on 3G or even a good old fashioned call. Sadly though, it's also rather on the windy side... your signal is low.

Oh well, it wasn't a very interesting meeting anyway.

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