There's nothing to do in the village, yet somehow I missed it..

It's a tiny village, at least by my standards. There aren't even 200 people. It has to share a village hall. It's hardly a bustling metropolis of social activity - there are no cinemas, no shops and most certainly no fancy ballrooms.

Yet today there was an event. A pop up cafe. But I missed it? How is it, that in a tiny village, where everyone knows everyone else's business, I didn't know about the social event of the month? A pop up cafe! That's the sort of thing they have in cities!

As you can tell from multiple exclamation marks in a row, even missing it was an exciting event. Apparently it's a repeating thing, so now that I'm aware of its existence (presumably as the newest person in the village I'm the last to know), I'll probably forget and miss it next time too.

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