A gluttony of feasts

As regular readers will know, winter is coming - the weather is setting in and things are closing for off season. And this means one thing, and one thing alone...

I have to enjoy all the food while I can.

Normally I'd never eat out more than once a week, I rarely get takeaway. There are options here, but not so many that you'd never get bored. But having said that, when you know you only have a week or two left until you have to wait until the spring? Well then even a small choice starts to feel like a cornucopia of abundance.

Every other day I'm getting something, desperate to try everything while I still can. Who knows when I'll next be able to get some food I haven't cooked myself (spring), it could be years (months) so the risk is just too great not to try it while I can.

The costs start mounting up - it's really not cheap eating out.

Maybe it's a good thing after all, that everything is closing soon... my wallet can't take it much longer.

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