It's like Game Of Thrones, but without the bloodshed and incest

It's almost the end of October, and the weather has definitely turned the last couple of weeks. When I first got here it was stunning, the sun was shining every day, it was warm and sea was calm.

Then the rain started.

I'm not really sure it's stopped. Sometimes it's a light rain, barely noticeable as you walk down the road. Other times it's torrential, soaking you through before you even realised it's raining. The temperature has dropped, an extra layer, a nice thick jumper has been added - even at home. Sometimes outside requires two.

With the end of the nice weather and the end of October, comes, in the most part, the end of the tourists - and without tourists a lot of places close. It's already started happening, many of the shops, particularly those in hospitality have already shut their doors for quiet season, for winter. Shuttering up against both the cold and the lack of trade that goes hand in hand with living somewhere that relies on the hustle and bustle of visitors.

And for those of us that live here full time, for those of us that stay here all year round? Well it's like living in a different place. I can no longer pop down the road to grab a bite to eat, that restaurant I wanted to try isn't open again until March. The constant through put of new and interesting people to talk to? Gone until next year.

The weather is closing in, the skies are dark and the days are shortening. The ferries are less and less reliable. People no longer brave our shores.

Winter really is coming.

p.s. there are also no dragons

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