Oh my, could it be? Am I...?

It was dark. I was not long out the front door, it was oddly early for me. I’m rarely awake before sunrise let alone up and out of the house. I start waking.

A sole car passes me, their headlights almost destroying my night vision completely. I continue forward - waiting for the sun’s rays to pierce through the thick layer of clouds. I hear the chirp of birds, but something is off. I can’t place what it is, but there is something different, something not quite right - and not just the fact I’m up so early.

And then I see it. See them. Bats. A dozen of them. Flying around without a care in the world. Not another person in sight, the fly around me.

It was early and the whole day was ahead of me. I had stuff to do, to achieve. The bats knew this.

Could it be. Am I Batman?

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