Capsule wardrobe

This is a list of my "not capsule wardrobe"
In reality this is a living list of all my clothes (as of today still missing some items) that will be updated over tine.
At some point this will, I hope, become a capsule wardrobe.

10+ socks
10+ boxes
5 under shirts

1 indigo / black jeans
1 relaxed jeans
1 natural chino
1 black suit trousers
1 blue suit trousers
1 blue relaxed trouser
1 grey cotton trousers
H&m checked suitish trousers

1 pea coat
1 tweed sports coat
1 sports blazer

1 full suit

2 swimming shorts
2 shorts (blue and palm tree)
1 smart shorts (Chino style?)
1 running shorts

5 t-shirt (orange, quicksilver blue, quicksilver black, puma orange,
5 polo (diesel, fat Face, purple Tesco, blue harbor,
5 relaxed shirt (crew, Gant, white h&m, fat Face, Tommy Hilfiger, checked light, checked dark, polo yellow, polo white, purple ish one)
5 office shirt (Tesco blue, Savoy tailor blue, stripes, white,)

1 Timberland boot
1 Toms
1 black trainer
1 brown shows

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