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Diary Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022

Work from home so decided to take a coffee break outside at a local cafe e.g the garden center.
Presently surprised it was good service and decent food... coffee was good untill later that evening when both the wife and I were feeling a little worse for ware.

Went to the sister company in the afternoon and had an expensed lunch with a colleague.

Spent a good few hours figuring out and trying to wade through inter company politics.
I think it's looking good, just focus on him and me working together to learn, teach and of course guide the direction of the product development so it works for both companies.

Received a message to check in for fitting 2 on Thursday at around 1pm. At around 4pm got a notification they no longer need me so I get back my Thursday, Friday and a Monday... Shame was looking forward to filming this one, I was in gold and supposed to be a very wealthy dandy.

Diary Monday, 14 Nov 2022

Day off today and am down in London for a Costume fitting.
I'm going to be an extra for a Disney+ production.

Man I had to wait and wait and wait. Call time was 10am, arrived late at 10:15am (fog and really bad traffic).
Had my hair done in rollers to make it nice and curly, think Georgian-style Dandy.

Didn't finish until 5pm, no lunch be well at least I end up getting a full day's wage.

Capsule wardrobe

This is a list of my "not capsule wardrobe"
In reality this is a living list of all my clothes (as of today still missing some items) that will be updated over tine.
At some point this will, I hope, become a capsule wardrobe.

10+ socks
10+ boxes
5 under shirts

1 indigo / black jeans
1 relaxed jeans
1 natural chino
1 black suit trousers
1 blue suit trousers
1 blue relaxed trouser
1 grey cotton trousers
H&m checked suitish trousers

1 pea coat
1 tweed sports coat
1 sports blazer

1 full suit

2 swimming shorts
2 shorts (blue and palm tree)
1 smart shorts (Chino style?)
1 running shorts

5 t-shirt (orange, quicksilver blue, quicksilver black, puma orange,
5 polo (diesel, fat Face, purple Tesco, blue harbor,
5 relaxed shirt (crew, Gant, white h&m, fat Face, Tommy Hilfiger, checked light, checked dark, polo yellow, polo white, purple ish one)
5 office shirt (Tesco blue, Savoy tailor blue, stripes, white,)

1 Timberland boot
1 Toms
1 black trainer
1 brown shows

Diary, Friday, Nov 4, 2022

You can get some really good items from free-cycle.
Just picked up some off cut tiles, a bit of a mix but some very nice tiles.
We are just collecting tiles and building equipment in preparation for when we extend the house.

Also off to dinner for my Dad's birthday, haven't got him a present yet so poping to Waitrose to maybe get him some whiskey or something.

Diary Wednesday, Nov 2, 2022

Been a few days since I've updated the diary.

Not been up to much just work for the most part.

My partner needs to apply for a new job so that is the main focus for today updating her cover letter and CV.

Whilst we're at it, I've updated my CV a little (My current job is a list of stuff that the job spec listed) and a new cover letter since I'm going to apply for a freelance role as a stagehand at my local theatre it sounds like it would be alot of fun (and I used to love the theatre when at 6th form).

Workout update;
Not done anything since Sunday, my triceps and chest have been sore!
When they are "healed" attempt again and hope it isn't as sore?
This is going to be a slow process

Product 2

Lesson Learned

Communication is very important

I work in a small company with a worldwide footprint.
We have customers in 44 countries world wide.

We have maybe ~30 people in the company.
~20 Europe
~8 in Asia
2 in the USA

This should have indicated to me why communication is so important.

Recently I was talking with the Asian team and I mentioned a revamp of some old products and they had no idea what these products were.
I was shocked, these products are older than I have been working as a PM and they didn't know about them!
Even the support team had no knowledge of it.
No wonder this product has been selling, I had it in my radar to focus on but wanted to get another product to a good stage before starting.
I need to work fast to make sure everyone knows about each product our company sells.

Product 1

Product Management

Here is a post I made for Reddit some time ago giving an insight into where I am with Product Management.

3-month update in my first PM role

Edit; thank you kind stranger very much appreciated

Hello All and sorry about the long post,

I just thought it might be good to provide a 3-month update since I started a new job as a Product Manager with no previous experience.

The first week was finding my feet within this new position and confirming the priorities for the first 6months to 1 year.

Once this felt settled I spent more time than I really needed, to talk with the Director of the software team, disusing issues with the product, age of some of the products / code-base, problems with the development process and of course an initial chat about where the initial product would fit.

After multiple discussions with C-level, sales and the entire S/W team I have now got a reasonable level of re-occurring meetings to keep everything in a nice loop.

My first biggest task was to get Jira implemented as a tool to help facilitate an Agile workflow.

The Jira implementation has gone well, workflow isn't 100% yet but working well enough that I have by-in from all the S/W team (+C-level) excluding 1 developer, I'm sure in time this will improve.

I do not think we are working to an agile mindset yet, but its much better than we had previously, Trying to arrange some PO training courses to go on since all i know about Agile is what I have read so far :)

Implemented a proper feature request Process (all documented in Confluence) slowly turning this into the documentation Hub.

the NFR system is working well and it has enabled me to work closely with support and now joining their weekly meetings to keep abreast of any on-going issues, to help close the link from support to Dev and to learn about customers and what they are using our products for.

(This is also getting me lots of nice data which I am still trying to refine to help identify what each product is used for and what sort of industry, company etc the customers are).

Most recently I have now stated a faux "start of sprint" review with each product range so everyone has a better idea of the most important tasks for the week after the higher-level backlog review.

Everyone is very aware that this entire Agile process is iterative and knows that we are fully open to constructive criticism and opinions on how to improve this is working since every week I am having few and fewer comments and less and less changes are being made.

Most of what has been achieved so far feels like administration work not so much PM work.

Since most of the above is now mostly automated and taking ~<2 days of my time her are my goals for the next 3 months;

1, Release a new (replacement) product due to concerns about vulnerability on code-base (library used).

2, Start having in-dept discussions with some key customers.

3, Work through the pragmatic institute framework and attempt to Map this to customers/products so I can start thinking like a PM not just what seems to feel right for the current situation.

4, Attend a PM Training Course

5, Work with the QA team to help implement a better QA process for S/W

  1. Start a product requirement specification for future development project

7, Attend in-person trade shows (if travel is possible)

Diary Monday, 31 Oct, 2022

Halloween, I forgot it was Halloween.

Never really been a holiday when I was growing up (only in my early 30's now) but seems to be pretty popular these days.

Had a couple of kids take some sweets, but we had to call them over...Didn't realise the children are told to only "Trick or Treat" at houses that have a pumpkin outside.

Diary, Sunday, 30 Oct 2022

Wanted a meatball marinara from subway but it's far too much money...maybe I'm getting old.

So I made some today, it was amazing I was shocked how good it was.

I need to lose some weight so I'm trying to do the one punch man work out.
Going to take a while to get it completed in a day so slowly building up.
Did 100 squats in sets of 25.
Did 100 pushups in sets of 25, last 25 were so very hard!

Thinking I might look into doing some work at the theater, I did some years ago at school and 6th form but just stopped at uni since I was no longer doing anything arts for study and just focusing on engineering and drinking.

Diary, Saturday, 29 Oct 2022

Late to wake again nothing new for a Saturday.

Had chips and steak for a late dinner then spent a few hours holding the hairdryer for my wife.

Picked up by my parents to go to the theater... Noises off
It was very good but think I've seen it before in London and it was better in London but that's to be expected, still very very good.

As an added extra saw John Major, former pm.

Diary, Friday October 28 2022

Made a simple test page in listed.
Thinking about starting a diary/journal inside of listed.

This is a test to see if the listed place works with tags?

Test Blog posr

This is a test blog post.

Using this to see how Listed works with OneNote