Diary Wednesday, 16 Nov 2022

Work from home so decided to take a coffee break outside at a local cafe e.g the garden center.
Presently surprised it was good service and decent food... coffee was good untill later that evening when both the wife and I were feeling a little worse for ware.

Went to the sister company in the afternoon and had an expensed lunch with a colleague.

Spent a good few hours figuring out and trying to wade through inter company politics.
I think it's looking good, just focus on him and me working together to learn, teach and of course guide the direction of the product development so it works for both companies.

Received a message to check in for fitting 2 on Thursday at around 1pm. At around 4pm got a notification they no longer need me so I get back my Thursday, Friday and a Monday... Shame was looking forward to filming this one, I was in gold and supposed to be a very wealthy dandy.

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